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Liverpool player ratings and analysis from the Premier League, League Cup, FA Cup, and Europa League. You can also leave your own player ratings. Each Liverpool player playing in the game is given a rating out of ten. The LFC player ratings are based on performances in the game from a subjective point of view, and not based necessarily on statistics alone. Passing statistics, goals scored, assists made, tackles made, shots saved, and other similar statistics may be taken into account, but the ratings are based on how the player performed in the game as a whole. Everyone has their own opinion on different players, and how they performed in the game, and there will be room to leave your comments at the bottom of each player ratings article. You can also choose your own Liverpool FC man of the match if you think the choice made on the site is wrong! A summary of the players performance in the game may be given next to the rating, to explain why they got an expecially high or low rating. The Liverpool player ratings on this site are out of 10, and it's rare any player will score above 8 or below 5. Click here for a rough guide to the player ratings used on the site.