Feb 122017
Luis Suarez: He's Not The Messiah, He's A Very Naughty Boy

By Aaron Cawley. For those of you who have watched Monty Python’s Life of Brian, you’ll get the title of this particular piece. Who’s the messiah? Well it’s Luis Suarez. The admiration from Liverpool fans for the Barcelona forward sickens me. Suarez is a great player, that, there is no doubt of, but his carry on and behaviour in his last two seasons at Liverpool was nothing short of despicable. Embed from Getty Images From courting a move to Arsenal, to his racist comment to Manchester United player Patrice Evra and the whole fiasco that followed that. Then there was continue reading

Feb 122017
Dejan Lovren's New Contract: Why John? Why?

By Aaron Cawley. Throughout their illustrious history, Liverpool have always had top quality centre backs. Players like Sami Hyypia, Phil Thompson, Alan Hansen, Jamie Carragher, Phil Neal and Stéphane Henchoz, all invoke memories of sturdy Liverpool defences that didn’t get turned over too easily. Embed from Getty Images Liverpool have missed a strong pillar at the heart of its defence since Jamie Carragher retired in 2013, and over the last four years they’ve become some what of a leaky ship in defence. Brendan Rodgers attempted to plug the leaks when he brought in Mamadou Sakho and Dejan Lovren, but with the continue reading

Feb 062017
The Liverpool Dance & Decline: Hate to Say I Told You So

The Dance, by Neil Devlin. ‘I told you so’. A simple phrase that can provoke such emotion when used. To the person who utters it, it is usually a moment of triumph, achievement or superiority. To the recipient, it denotes defeat, embarrassment or despair. Regrettably however, when it comes to Liverpool FC, none of these positive emotions need apply. Embed from Getty Images Today, like every year for the last three decades, I find myself uttering the phrase ‘I told you so’, but as with each year that has gone before I do not find any triumph in it. I continue reading

Feb 062017
FSG at Liverpool: Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

By Aaron Cawley. If you are of a certain generation, you will remember a song from The Clash entitled, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”. But what does this song have to do with football? At the moment, there is a building faction within the Liverpool fan base that want current owners, FSG, out of the club. And I’m quite sure John W Henry has at least once thought about those famous song lyrics in difficult times. Embed from Getty Images Being a Liverpool fan in the current climate is difficult. We have just had a January where the continue reading

Feb 042017
Are Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool Just Another One Man Team?

By Aaron Cawley. Rafa Benitez had Fernando Torres, Brendan Rodgers had Luis Suarez and now Jürgen Klopp has Sadio Mané. What do all these players have in common? Well, without them in the various teams Liverpool don’t aren’t the same entity. Embed from Getty Images Look at how bad Liverpool became after Torres and Suarez were sold. No goal threat and regularly finishing outside the European positions. Getting rid of Suarez eventually cost Rodgers his job at Liverpool and while Kenny Dalglish came in to Liverpool with Torres leaving, if he been able to hold on to the Spaniard I continue reading

Feb 012017
Klopp Calls The Shots As Sakho Saga Ends

By Umarah Naz. The long running Mamadou Sakho saga finally came to a close on transfer deadline day, when Crystal Palace snapped up the French international on loan for the remainder of the season. Embed from Getty Images This ended six months of furious speculation that had divided the Reds everywhere. Sakho versus Jurgen Klopp has been battle that has intrigued and torn Liverpool fans in equal measure. Both men boast their own huge following which made the situation all the more complicated. On the one hand, there’s a centre-back who was building up somewhat of an iconic status around continue reading

Jan 312017
Is Daniel Sturridge Still Important To Liverpool?

By Aaron Cawley. Daniel Sturridge, the fastest ever player to score fifty goals for Liverpool. The player who spends more time on the treatment table than on the pitch, yet still has a massive following amongst fans. Embed from Getty Images This following is something I don’t understand. For a little over fourteen months, I have said it is time for Liverpool to cash in on the injury-prone striker. He doesn’t fit the Jürgen Klopp model as he doesn’t seem to have the ability or desire to press from the front as Klopp expects his forward players to do. This season Sturridge continue reading

Jan 302017
Those Pesky Day Trippers and the Anfield Atmosphere Problem

The atmosphere at Anfield is shit at the moment, this is something Jürgen Klopp has attempted to change on more then on occasion by trying to inspire fans to get behind the team. But according to some fans the reason that the atmosphere is so flat is solely down to pesky day trippers. Embed from Getty Images You know the ones. They fly into Liverpool every match-weekend, spending an extraordinary amount of money to get to games, and when they do they get there they’re the ones who have taken tickets from real Liverpool fans, those who live in and continue reading

Jan 292017
Where Has It All Gone Wrong For Liverpool

By Aaron Cawley. At the start of the season, if you had asked any Liverpool fan what they expected they would have said a decent cup run and a Champions League place. So far, Liverpool have had that decent cup run, getting knocked out of the EFL Cup semi-final to Southampton, losing 2-0 on aggregate. In the league, Liverpool currently sit fourth, two points ahead of fifth placed Manchester City and four points ahead of Manchester United, who are down in sixth. Embed from Getty Images But it seems things are starting to unravel on the pitch. Liverpool are without a continue reading

Nov 302016
Why Liverpool Fans Should Show Lovren Some Love

Obdurate: stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or course of action. There are a three main reasons people would choose to be the above. 1) It could be a specific belief where you actually think you’re right. 2) It may be that your knowledge of a certain subject is so vastly superior to everyone else’s, you really are right. 3) But it’s probably just that you’ve nailed your colours to the mast so vociferously, running around like a deranged know-it-all, that you run the danger of being proved a tad wrong. A tiny bit. Although I’d like to think that continue reading

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