Liverpool FC Podcasts

This may be bias, but supporters Liverpool FC produce some of the best independent fan media around. Spearheaded in recent years by The Anfield Wrap and This is Anfield, a whole host of fansites, forums, and websites have emerged, providing an abundance of information and opinion. Liverpool fans are amongst the most active on social media, boasting a plethora of talented writers amongst the club’s support – many of whom have now made it to the mainstream press.

One area of independent media where the club’s fans excel themselves, is in the production of entertaining and informative podcasts. Here are three of the best audio based productions for your listening pleasure.

The Anfield Wrap

Host: Neil Atkinson/Various

TAW provides a balanced view of all things Liverpool FC from their base in the heart of the city. They tackle the talking points from the recent fixtures, as well as discussing social issues surrounding the club and those which affect football supporters countrywide. They’re not afraid to criticise the club, but at the same time they’ve managed to get access to the likes of Brendan Rodgers, Rafa Benitez, Daniel Sturridge, and Jamie Carragher amongst others. Their website features some of the top LFC writers, and they now run a subscription service which updates daily for a fee of £5 per month, on top of the two free shows per week.

Anfield Index

Host: Various

A Liverpool podcast for the stats fans. Though if you’re not a stats fan don’t be put off! Anfield Index analyses the state of the Liverpool team, with references to the recent happenings on and off the pitch. The podcast includes quite a bit of statistical analysis, as does its accompanying website, but the numbers are always relevant to a wider discussion and not just there for the sake of it. The participants possess a wide knowledge of football beyond LFC, and the pod often features experts in the fields of stats and analysis as guest contributors.

Anfield Index’s pressing statistics give you a wealth of information you won’t find anywhere else, and this data has become more prescient since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp. AI is updated every day or two with shows which cover various topics.

The Day Trippers

Host: Trevor Downey

Having modelled themselves on Steven Finnan, this podcast provides an entertaining and unique listen from start to finish. In their own words they’re Solid. Dependable. Irish. However, once you listen to the podcast you’ll realise that they’re nothing like this. But most of them are Irish.

The pod is a great listen and a break from some of the more mundane, regurgitated, football media. They also provide a good source of information for the large number of Irish LFC fans, especially when it comes to travel and ticket acquisition.