Why Anfield Should Welcome Those Pesky Day Trippers


They are at it again, those pesky day tripping fans are at it again. They are attending matches at Anfield, spending their hard earned money in the club shop and taking photographs and video recordings of matches. They are being bad wools.

Every now and then this topic seems to read its ugly head amongst Liverpool fans. It invariably leads to fans turning against each other and being abusive online. In the recent win against Southampton two incidents of note were publicized on social media by fans.

The first one being a man standing up from his seat recording the game. From what I could make out the person who was complaining about this took the photo and put it in the public spectrum whilst complaining about the mans wool behaviour. When it was pointed out to him the hypocrisy of his argument he got abusive.

Without knowing what was going on I can only assume the person in the picture was taking the recording of the match as a souvenir to bring home with him to remember his time at Anfield.

Like many of us who can not afford to attend games on a regular basis he wanted the full experience and made up his mind that recording the game was the best way of doing this. Fair play to him I say.

The second incident of note among the fans against Southampton is, for me a bit more sinister and the actions of those involved have sullied the clubs reputation of being a club for all fans no matter what part of the world you come from.

In a nutshell a non English fan is alleged to have stood at the back of the new Main Stand to take some sort of photograph and ended up being ejected from the ground. A local fan who, according to reports, was Scouse stood up against the treatment of the first fan only to find himself being ejected from Anfield also.

This is disgraceful in my opinion and has caused a lot of debate amongst fans. I can see that there may have been a health and safety issue involved but according to reports and videos of the incident the first fan was at the very back of the stand and was hindering or obstructing no one. Because of the fan’s ethnicity he was then also vilified by a minority online.

We, as fans of Liverpool football club need to accept that the club is no longer one that is built around the local fan base. As sad as that is, it is a sign of how football has been turned in to a business by not only the owners but also the Premier League.

Fans from outside of Liverpool are deemed more beneficial to the clubs owners as when they come to watch a Liverpool match they are the ones who spend money buying merchandise in the club shop and spending big in and around the city of Liverpool itself.

This idea that Liverpool are now a business angers a minority of fans who use it as a stick in which to beat FSG with. But, this business model is not only a Liverpool problem it happens in every club not only in the Premier League but in the majority of the major clubs around Europe.

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If the day trippers did not attend matches at Anfield on a weekly basis, or were intimidated out of it by other fans, Liverpool would fall in to obscurity. The money generated by day trippers helps from paying the tea lady to developing the facilities in and around Anfield. This money is a massive chuck of the club’s yearly income and without Liverpool would probably turn into Everton.

Fans should embrace other fans no matter where they are from. After all everyone is there for the same thing: to support Liverpool and cheer on their idols on the pitch. Who cares if they take photographs of video the games. Who cares if they do not know the words to songs like “Poor Scouser Tommy” or “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. By attending games they will learn about the history of the club and the importance of the songs sung from the terraces.

Some say they are killing the atmosphere at Anfield, to this I say fans should look closer to home at those who are killing the magical Anfield atmosphere.

Cut the day tripping tourists a bit of slack because without them there would be no Liverpool. After all Liverpool as a City was built by immigrants, hence the whole we are not English we are Scouse attitude among the people of Liverpool.


  1. Talking crap if the day trippers tickets went to locals .the atmosphere would be better .and with the tv money .the club dont need match day revenue. football is awash with money its just pure greed .the bigest season ticket holder is thomas cook .

    • Loads of fans have told me that the biggest complainers are the season ticket holders. And day trippers donsing and create an atmosphere just over looked by moaning fans.

  2. A few day trippers are acceptable but there are far too many and add absolutely nothing to the atmosphere. Having people sitting around me who have no idea what’s going on is pitiful particularly when Scousers whose city and team it is can’t get tickets. The game as it was is finished, it has sold itself to the highest bidder, Thomas Cook is more important to FSG than Liverpudlians.

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