Time For Fans To Cop On When It Comes To Dejan Lovren


I am not one to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to players and their suitability to play for Liverpool, but as far as  Dejan Lovren is concerned, I’m afraid I’m firmly on the Lovren out bandwagon.

There is no point in rehashing mistakes made by Lovren over the three years he has played at Liverpool, as there are many and it could take a full twenty-four hours to delve in to them all.

The point of this particular piece is to condemn the actions of a small minority of Liverpool fans who over the last two weeks have felt it necessary to issue death threats against not just Lovren but also his family.

I am a family man and the levels of depravity some Liverpool fans have sunk to after Lovren was hauled off against Spurs, has made me embarrassed to say I am a Liverpool fan.

One thing that Liverpool fans love to point out to fans of rival clubs is that “we are the greatest fans in the world” and Liverpool fans live by the motto of “you’ll never walk alone”.

In the last two weeks, a small minority of those greatest fans in the world have tarnished the reputation of, not only the club, but also the majority of the fan base.

Those of us who have more than two brain cells know that Lovren is dire and that he doesn’t deserve to be in the Liverpool starting eleven, but we also know that we do not pick the team and Lovren shows Jurgen Klopp on a daily basis in training he deserves his place in the Liverpool defence.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in a person’s life that fans do not see or hear about. Footballers are humans and suffer the same range of emotions as the rest of us. They know when they have had a bad game or a run of bad games, and they certainly do not need morons on social media abusing them for it. We all have our opinions and are entitled to voice them, but some fans should really engage their brains before posting something on social media.

It seems to this writer that Lovren can do no right at the minute with the Liverpool fan base. The threats made against him and his family were despicable and for me his reaction to them was warranted and correct.

Although I am in the minority thinking this, I challenge anyone not to react the same way as he did. I do not care if the person who carries out the threat is a 13-year-old school boy or a 30-year-old father of three. A death threat is a death threat.

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A small minority of football fans in general are of the opinion that it is acceptable to be abusive on Twitter or Facebook; there is no harm to it. I somehow think the law thinks differently. Lovren did not deserve the death threats he got. I do not care how bad he is or has played for Liverpool.

If you look at the stats, Liverpool have enjoyed the vast majority of their clean sheets when he has partnered Joel Matip in defence.

I know that stats can be manipulated to suit one’s argument when it comes to discussing a particular player’s strengths and weaknesses, but results do not lie. The Liverpool defence in 2013/14, when Liverpool almost won the league, in my opinion was a lot worse than it is at the minute. And Lovren didn’t play for Liverpool then

I am by no means a fan of the Croatian defender, but at the minute he is the best of a bad bunch of centre-backs at the club. Klopp had an opportunity to replace him in four transfer windows and last summer was the only one in which he made any serious effort to bring in a new centre-back.

That speaks volumes about what the manager of the club thinks about him. The actual manager of the club. Not one of those who thinks they know better than Klopp because of a few games of championship manager.

Lovren is a Liverpool player and, whether you like the him or not, instead of belittling and abusing him from the stands give him a bit of credit when he does things right. After all, 33% of the Liverpool fan base voted him as their player of the month for October and a third of the Liverpool fan base cannot be wrong can they?

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