Liverpool FC and the Fickleness of Football Fandom


Something that always gives me a giggle when I hear it sung around Anfield is “We Are Liverpool Tra La La La La”.

Liverpool FC includes the team, the manager, the owners, the players; heck even the tea lady is Liverpool FC.

Then there is “You’ll Never Walk Alone“, the Liverpool anthem.


I wonder if fans when singing the song,  actually think about the words and the meaning of them “When you walk, through a storm, hold your head up high, and don’t be afraid of the dark”.

Liverpool fans are a fickle bunch, they love a good scapegoat. I would nearly put some fans on a par with Arsenal fans.

A player has a bad few games and he becomes the teams scapegoat.

Alberto Moreno, Dejan Lovren, Emre Can, Lucas Levia and Simon Mignolet have all been scapegoated by Liverpool fans over the past few seasons, yet have all been given the opportunity to prove those doubters wrong, well, all bar Moreno.

I am not suggesting I do not have a go at players, because believe me I do from time to time.

But then again I am not in Anfield signing “We Are Liverpool, Tra La La La La” or “You’ll Never Walk Alone” while at the same time slating players for having a few off days on social media after leaving Anfield.

As I said I am not perfect, if a player has a bad run of form, I will be the first to say it, but the difference between me and some fans is, no matter how much a players performance improves, it is still not good enough. I’ll be the first to admit when I was wrong.

There are plenty of examples from last season alone.

There was the goalkeeper issue, ten games for Karius where he did not perform at his best and fans who for weeks were crying out for him to replace Mignolet now wanted Mignolet back in goal.


The same can be said about Moreno, we all know he had a horrible time in the Europa League final against Sevilla in the 2015/2016 season and a bad performance against Arsenal at the start of last season, but as the end of the season approached those same fans were screaming out for Moreno to replace James Milner at left back.

For the record, I blame tiredness for Moreno’s collapse against Sevilla in the Europa League final and the blame for Arsenal’s three goals on the first day of last season, were not all down to him.

People forgot that two of their goals were as a direct result of mistakes on the right of the back four that day, but it is not cool to say that, or to defend Moreno.

We, as fans need to take a chill pill at times. We expect a lot from Liverpool’s players, but at times we do not know what is going on in their lives.

And after all football players are human, and some are incapable of turning off their emotions for ninety minutes like others can.

The same can be said for some of Liverpool’s signings, they come into the club and are expected to hit the ground running, especially if Liverpool have paid a hefty fee for them.


I really hope that Mohamed Salah can do at Liverpool next season what he did at Roma last season. If he can not, god help him with some of the fan base.

I am not saying that fans are not entitled to their opinions about certain players, but remember, when a player puts on the red jersey of Liverpool and steps on to the Anfield pitch, he is Liverpool Tra La La La La, fans should support the players through thick and thin, celebrate the simple things they do right as much as the celebrate the world class things other players do.

It is about time Anfield turned in to a bastion of love for the Liverpool players rather than a place for hate to be spewed from the stands when a player messes up.

Now sing the lyrics of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and maybe next season just apply some of those lyrics to the latest scapegoat at the club.


  1. Tommy Smith near the end of his career was playing full back and getting embarrassed by the winger. The Kemlyn road were all moaning. I started a chant in the Kop and Tommy turned and waved his appreciation. Those were the days when we supported through thick and thin

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