Jurgen Klopp’s New Transfer Priorities in Liverpool’s Summer of Intent


So this summer is being called Liverpool’s summer of intent by those in media circles.

Liverpool have already signed Egyptian international Mohammad Salah from Roma for a fee in the region of €31 million and, depending on who you listen to, the club look set to break their current transfer record at least twice more this season.

According to the ever reliable ITK’s on Twitter, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp is tired of the FSG policy of buying young and trying to develop players in to world beaters, and wants players who can come in and have an instant impact on the pitch.


It is about time. While I am not anti or pro FSG, I think their practices during the past seven years have hurt Liverpool. It has hurt Liverpool’s chances of winning trophies, and qualifying for Europe.

Solely buying young players and developing them is a good idea if you are not expected to challenge for major honours every season but as the saying goes, “We Are Liverpool”, and winning trophies is the Liverpool Way.

It’s now a novelty to have the change to play Champions League football for Liverpool, instead of it being a regular occurrence.

There is no doubt, Klopp can unlock potential in players and has a good track record when it comes to blooding youngsters, but at Liverpool he does not have the quality he did at Borussia Dortmund.

If you, as a fan, think about how many of Liverpool’s current starting eleven would be wanted by Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona or Real Madrid, you could count the number of players on one hand and that is the main problem facing Klopp and Liverpool.


All teams buy players they have high hopes for, but in the end they turn out to be David Ngog or Sean Dundee, but it seems that Liverpool have had more Sean Dundee’s than Fernando Torres’ over the past five years.

Is there one person to blame for Liverpool’s poor track record in the transfer market?

For me, the blame lies with the managers.

Kenny Dalglish wanted Stewart Downing and look what a disappointment he turned out to be, Brendan Rodgers wanted Dejan Lovren and Liverpool fans are still suffering from that particular transfer.

A lot of fans will disagree with me on that particular statement, and they would prefer to blame the likes of Ian Ayre, Damien Comolli, or the Transfer Committee; but at the end of the day, it is the manager who says yes or no to any potential signing.


With Klopp, though, it seems to be different. Last season he wanted Mario Götze (get well soon Mario) but as it turned out his return to Dortmund was a blessing in disguise as Liverpool went out and signed Sadie Mané instead.

The same with Georginio Wijnaldum — a player Newcastle fans were only too happy to see the back of. Guess who is laughing now.

Klopp, hopefully, has his priorities right this summer, and he knows which players he wants and where he needs to strengthen within the team.

After all he has had 18 months of looking at dross, at and at this stage he should know that certain players on high wages just do not belong at Liverpool.

It is going to be one of the biggest summers in recent memory for Liverpool when it comes to incoming transfers.

Like Rodgers before him, Klopp has a lot of dead wood to get rid of, something that is no easy task.

With Liverpool hopefully fighting on four fronts next season, Klopp needs to bring in not only first team starters, but also squad players who can make an impact if they are called upon to do so.


Getting this balance right is easier said than done.

While fans get excited at the prospects of Liverpool spending £70 million on a central defender, the team is still stuck with the mistakes of the past, just in case of injury.

They are calling out for a dynamic midfield player, but have fans forgotten about Marko Grujić?

The same goes with the forward line. With rumours that Daniel Sturridge is finally about to depart Liverpool, fans will be looking for a quick fix to replace him. If this does not happen, the transfer market will be deemed a failure.

Liverpool have players already at the club capable of taking up the slack if needed, players like Grujic, Danny Ings, Divock Origi, Sheji Ojo, Ovie Ejaria and Dominic Solanke are all more than capable of coming in and making an impact if needed.


So do not be too down hearted if Salah is Liverpool’s only marquee signing this summer.

Remember what is being lined up to come into the Liverpool squad over the next 2-3 years.

And remember it’s not the owners fault.


  1. Other teams are also strengthening. It would be wrong to judge others teams based on last season’s performances. We need to buy players who can compete against Juve, Barca, Real Madrid, Man City, Chelsea etc and win. Currently, we are too light to even think about winning the CL. So let’s buy good and experienced players while they are available. Let’s swallow our pride and go back for VVD, buy Auba and a left back then the team will be ready for EPL title, FA and CL.

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