Apr 132014
LFC Tactics & Ratings - Liverpool 3, Manchester City 2

Liverpool 3, Manchester City 2 Anfield, Liverpool (Att: 44,601) Liverpool scorers: Sterling (6′), Skrtel (26′), Coutinho (78′) Manchester City scorers: Silva (57′),  Johnson (62′ OG) Tactics Liverpool opted for a diamond midfield to start the game. The noticeable difference to the usual set up in this formation was that Henderson was on the left side, helping Jon Flanagan to stifle the attacking threat posed by Jesús Navas and Pablo Zabaleta. Philippe Coutinho started on the right of the diamond, with Raheem Sterling in attacking midfield down the centre. Luis Suarez played on the right in the front two, as he looked to target continue reading

Apr 062014
Liverpool Tactics & Player Ratings - West Ham 1, Liverpool 2

West Ham United 1, Liverpool 2 Boleyn Ground, London (Att: 34,977) West Ham scorer: Demel (45′) Liverpool scorer: Gerrard (44′ pen, 71′ pen) Tactics Liverpool used two different formations in an attempt to break down a disciplined and resolute West Ham team. The first half began with Liverpool set up in a 4-3-3, with Suarez and Sterling either side of Sturridge at centre forward. Coutinho and Henderson played just ahead of Gerrard in midfield, with Flanagan and Johnson working the flanks behind the wide forwards. The second half saw a different shape as the team switched to a diamond midfield. This added continue reading

Mar 302014
LFC Tactics & Player Ratings - Liverpool 4, Tottenham 0

Liverpool 4, Tottenham Hotspur 0 Anfield, Liverpool (Att: 44,762) Liverpool scorers: Kaboul (2′ OG), Suarez (25′), Coutinho (55′), Henderson (75′) Tactics Liverpool reverted to the 4-3-3 formation which we saw at the end of the game against Sunderland. Philippe Coutinho replaced Joe Allen in the left of centre midfield, with Raheem Sterling playing as one of the three forwards. Luis Suarez played mainly on the left, with Daniel Sturridge through the middle and Sterling on the right, but the three interchanged when required. Width was provided by both full-backs, with Johnson more prominent on the right but Flanagan also providing an outlet continue reading

Mar 262014
LFC Tactics & Player Ratings - Liverpool 2, Sunderland 1

Liverpool 2, Sunderland 1 Anfield, Liverpool (Att: 44,524) Sunderland scorer: Ki (76′) Liverpool scorers: Gerrard (39′), Sturridge (48′) Tactics Liverpool started the game with the diamond formation which has served them so well recently, and one which has produced some excellent displays attacking football. Coutinho was at the top of the diamond, as the side lined up as they did against Cardiff last time out. The team created chances against a packed Sunderland defence which consisted of a back three, with two midfielders and two full backs covering in front of it. They failed to make any pay in the first half until continue reading

Mar 222014
LFC Player Ratings & Tactics - Cardiff 3, Liverpool 6

Cardiff City 3, Liverpool 6 Cardiff City Stadium (Att: 28,018) Cardiff Scorers: Mutch (9′, 88′), Campbell (25′) Liverpool scorers: Suarez (16′, 60′, 90′), Skrtel (41′, 54′), Sturridge (75′) Because 6-0 would be boring… Tactics Brendan Rodgers stuck with the diamond formation which previously produced wins against Manchester United, and Southampton. The full-backs were slightly more attacking than in recent weeks which left the defence exposed at times. This put a lot of pressure on the three midfielders – Gerrard, Henderson, and Allen –  to help out the two centre backs. Defensively the team struggled positionally against the quickness of Jordan Mutch, Frazier Campbell, continue reading

Mar 162014
LFC Tactics & Player Ratings - Manchester United 0, Liverpool 3

Manchester United 0, Liverpool 3 Old Trafford, Manchester (Att: 75,225) Liverpool scorers: Gerrard 34′ (pen), 46′ (pen); Suarez 84′ Tactics Liverpool stuck with the diamond midfield set-up which eventually gave them a 3-0 win away at Southampton. The difference being that the more effective Raheem Sterling was employed in place of Philippe Coutinho at the attacking point behind the two strikers. Suarez and Sturridge both played centrally with occasional width offered by the full-backs, who weren’t overly attacking. Allen and Henderson covered lots of ground on either side of the midfield, helping out their fullbacks and covering more centrally when required. Each continue reading

Mar 012014
LFC Player Ratings & Tactics - Southampton 0, Liverpool 3

Southampton 0, Liverpool 3 St Mary’s Stadium (Att: 31, 659) Liverpool scorers: Suarez (16′), Sterling (58′), Gerrard (90′pen) Tactics Whilst Brendan Rodgers was praised for his tactics in this game as a whole, the first half left much to be desired. The diamond might have been the right approach, but Gerrard struggled to cover in front of the back four and couldn’t keep track of Adam Lallana’s movement. This might have been partly due to a deep defensive line, which gave the Southampton attackers plenty of room to manoeuvre. In the second half the team came out with what looked like a continue reading

Feb 232014
LFC Player Ratings & Tactics - Liverpool 4, Swansea City 3

Liverpool 4, Swansea City 3 Anfield, Liverpool (Att: 44, 731) Liverpool scorers: Sturridge (3′, 36′), Henderson (20′, 74′) Player Ratings Simon Mignolet – 5.5 Not his most convincing performance. Offers little assistance to the defence when it comes to taking control of situations in his area. Not much he could do about the goals, and made a couple of saves. Jon Flanagan – 6.5 Did well in difficult situations when midfielders or forwards were struggling to find room to offer a pass. Defended well in a battle with the tricky Wayne Routledge, and managed to get forward on a couple of occasions, continue reading

Feb 162014
LFC Player Ratings & Tactics - Arsenal 2, Liverpool 1

Arsenal 2, Liverpool 1 Emirates Stadium, That London (Att: 59,801) Liverpool scorers: Gerrard (59′ pen) Player Ratings Brad Jones – 6 A reasonable performance from Liverpool’s second choice keeper. Commands his area better than Mignolet, but still prone to the odd wayward kick out. Jon Flanagan – 5.5 Found himself in attacking positions quite regularly but failed to deliver. Lost Podolski for Arsenal’s second, but still a decent performance from the right back who switched to the left later in the game. Martin Skrtel – 6 Daniel Agger – 5.5 Good in possession but exposed for pace at Arsenal’s second goal. continue reading

Feb 122014
LFC Player Ratings & Tactics - Fulham 2, Liverpool 3

Fulham 2, Liverpool 3 Craven Cottage, That London (Att: 25, 375) Liverpool scorers: Sturridge (41′), Coutinho (72′), Gerrard (90′ pen) Player Ratings Simon Mignolet – 5.5 Doesn’t come for crosses, or sweep up loose balls to help out the defence. If he did this we’d probably see a more confident back line. Jon Flanagan – 6 Gave the ball away a couple of times, and struggled with his crossing, but did a job at right back and helped build up attacks. Martin Skrtel – 6.5 Was partly at fault for the second goal, but stands out amongst an occasionally unsteady group of continue reading